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Frequently asked questions : Trainings
Frequently asked questions : Trainings

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➡️ Entering data during my session

What weight should I enter?

In the case of a strength training session, you have the option of entering weights, reps, durations, etc. depending on the type of each exercise.

In the case of an exercise with a weight to be entered, the rules are simple :

  • For exercises with dumbbells : enter the weight of a single dumbbell

  • For barbell exercises : enter the weight of the barbell (Olympic bars weigh 20kg and short bars generally weigh 8kg)

  • For machine exercises : enter the weight you put on the machine (e.g. if it is a thigh press, a Smith Machine do not count the weight of the base or the bar)

  • For body weight exercises : enter only the weight of the ballast (do not enter your body weight). If you have any doubt, when you click on the weight, this information is indicated on the app. For example on "Lunges" exercises you should only enter the weight of one dumbbell.

➡️ Session

How do I find my session of the day to do?

Go to the "Journal" tab ("Training" view) and go to today's day (by default it's positioned at this day). If a session is to be done, it will appear here. Click on the session and start it.

How do I change the date of a session in my Journal?

Any session in your Diary, in the "To do" status, can be modified and in particular shift the date to another day for example. To do this, go to the session's file in your Diary, then click on the "Edit" button and choose "Change the date".

Can I start a session that is not to be done today?

Yes, from the Diary, go to the day that this session is present. Click on it to open the detailed file. Then click on "Start". A popup warns you that this session is not to be done today and asks you to confirm that you still want to do it that day, click on "Yes". The session will then be automatically moved to today.

How do I view my workout history?

From the "More" tab, go to your profile. Then click on the box indicating the number of workouts you have done. A list will appear containing all of your completed workouts (whether they are with the status completed or abandoned).

How do I edit a workout before its start date?

You must click on the workout in question via the "Log" and click on "Edit" - "Edit Workout".

The beeps don't work anymore during my workouts, sometimes the counters stay frozen, what can I do?

You have to go to "Settings", in the "More" tab. Then click on "Optimization".

➡️ Program

How do I find my scheduled program?

You can access the details of the program you have scheduled in several different ways :

  • From the "Coach" tab, go to "Programs". In the 1st section, you will see your current program (only if it has already started)

  • From the "More" tab, go to your profile. The "Programs" section will show you your last scheduled programs

  • From the "Logbook" tab ("Training" view), click on a scheduled session belonging to a program. In the detailed file of this session you can then find the associated program and access it

To have the complete details of the sessions you still have to do on a planned program, it is necessary to access the card of this planned program.

How can I consult the calendar of my current program?

Go to the file of your planned program, and in the "Calendar" section you will see all your sessions to do, completed, abandoned, in progress.

How do I cancel my current program?

In the form of your planned program, click on the button "Abandon".

If there are still sessions to do in this program, they will be automatically set to "Abandoned".

How do I end my current program?

Your program will automatically end once all sessions have been completed/abandoned.

How do I delete a program?

In the file of your planned program, click on the icon in the upper right corner representing 3 small vertical dots, then choose Delete.

All the completed/abandoned sessions of this program will remain in your training history. On the other hand, the sessions that were left to do will be automatically deleted.

How do I redo a completed or abandoned program?

A completed or abandoned program cannot be redone directly. In the file for this planned program (which you have completed or abandoned), click on the "View initial program" button. Once in the form of this initial program, click on "Schedule".

If the initial program was created by a coach/club, to which you are no longer attached, then you will not be able to redo this initial program.

How do I change the date of my already scheduled program?

Once scheduled, you cannot change the date of the program. The only option is to delete or abandon that program, then reschedule it again.

How can I find the list of programs I have done?

In the tab "Coach" - "Programs", you will find the list of your programs in "My programs" at the bottom.

How do I see my training history?

In the "More" tab, click on your profile (your name displayed at the top), then on "Workouts". This way, you will see all your training sessions.

How to reschedule a session in a program?

Two solutions:

  • In the "Log" tab, select your session. Then, click on "Modify" and then on "Modify the date". You can then enter a new date.

  • Click on your calendar at the top of the "Log" tab, then choose the session whose date you want to change.

How do I change the date of a session in my planned program?

  • In the "Log" tab, select your session. Then click on "Edit" and then on "Change date". All you have to do is plan a new date.

  • Or you can do it directly from your calendar.

    Click on your calendar at the top of the "Journal" tab, then choose the session you want to change the date of.

➡️ Activity

How do you add an activity?

Two possibilities:

  • Through "Journal": click on the small "+" button at the top left, then on "Record an activity."

  • By going through "Session", in "Coach", then on the little "+" button on the top right. Then, you will click on "Save an activity".

➡️ Notification

Am I notified when I have a session on the day?

Yes. A push notification is automatically sent to you a few hours before the workout starts so you don't forget.

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