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Frequently asked questions: Nutrition
Frequently asked questions: Nutrition

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How do I log my food?

In the tab "Diary" - "Nutrition", when you want to add a food, you have the possibility to scan it. This will allow you to see its nutritional value according to the quantity you enter.

How do I change the date of my already planned meal plan?

Once planned, you cannot change the date of the meal plan. The only possibility is to delete or abandon this plan and then re-plan it again.

How do I change the configuration data of my diary?

In the "Diary" - "Nutrition" tab, click on the little settings symbol ⚙️ at the top. This will allow you to change the configuration data.

How to abandon a current nutrition plan?

In the "Journal" - "Nutrition" tab, click on the current meal plan and then click on the blue "Abort" button afterwards.

How to delete a current meal plan ?

In the tab "Diary" - "Nutrition", click on the current meal plan then on the 3 small vertical dots, finally choose "Delete".

All the finished / abandoned meals of this plan will remain in your history. On the other hand, the meals that were left to do will be automatically deleted.

How to indicate on the app that I have eaten my meal?

In the tab "Diary" - "Nutrition", simply check the box in front of the meal in question:

This way, your caloric data will be updated automatically.

How to delete a meal from my Diary?

In the tab "Diary" - "Nutrition", click on the 3 small horizontal dots next to the meal, then on "Delete".

PS: This is not a reason to remove all vegetables from your meal plan 😉

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