With the arrival of YourDiet on AZEOO, professionals now have the possibility to offer their clients personalized diet plans ⬅️.

Offer this service to my clients

Simply contact the Customer Success team to activate this service very quickly: contact us here.

Procedure for your customers

If your customer wants to benefit from this personalized plan, here are the steps to do from the application

  • Go to the "Home" tab then click on the small bubble at the top corresponding to the avatar of his club (you)

  • In the list that appears, select the product "YourDiet - Your consultation & dietary follow-up".

  • The product being paying, he must pay on the application to unlock it

  • Once the purchase is made, he will have access to a link that will direct him to an external questionnaire

  • Once the questionnaire is completed, our YourDiet team takes over.

Our dieticians process the questionnaire quickly and prepare a personalized diet plan for the client. Once this program is ready, the team sends him an email to let him know that it is available on the application.

"And then, what should my client do?"

  • Go to the "Home" tab and then click on the little bubble at the top labeled "YourDiet."

  • His personalized diet plan is then displayed. He will then plan it and then follow each day from his diary.

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