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Calorie target for your food plans
Calorie target for your food plans

Add a calorie goal for your clients

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In order to tailor your food plans for your clients in the app, you can add a calorie goal.

When your client registers in the app, an automatic calculation of kcal is performed. See the calculation method here.

From your backoffice

Log into your account and go to the left menu nutrition then food plan, to the creation or automatic generation of a food plan, you can add the calorie target for your customers by going to edit the plan and determine the energy in kcal on the day desired for your client.

In your client's App

For a client with an automatic calculation at 2000 kcal per day, if you put a goal at 2100 kcal in the food plan, when planning the nutrition plan, the caloric goals will adapt to his nutrition journal.

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