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General monitoring of nutritional intake

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Access the nutritional statistics of your customers

In the back office, go to the "clients" menu, then in the listing of your clients, click directly on the picto representing a calendar:

In the "Profile" section, you will initially see the remaining kcal per day for your customer in relation to their calorie target (calculated automatically or by yourself, more details in this article).

Then, in the "Statistics" section, you will have access to more general data about his nutritional consumption.

Thanks to the different curves, you'll be able to analyse changes in your customers' nutritional intake (calories, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates). You can then work with them to adjust their meals according to the data displayed.

You can choose to filter this information according to a defined period: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or from the beginning.

Access the nutritional calendar of your customers

Go to the "clients" menu, then in the list of your clients, click directly on the calendar icon :

You then have access to your customer's training and nutritional calendar. The calendar gives you an overview of your customer's activity and daily food intake.

You can click on a particular day to see details of the food consumed.

If you find any data that seems unusual in terms of quantities, check that the customer has actually entered the correct quantities.

Some people make mistakes when entering the quantities they consume in the application, mainly because of the different predefined units of measurement (see this article for more information).

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