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CTA for "Call to Action

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From the back office, in the settings, you can create CTA buttons.

What is a CTA? It is therefore a visual element on which users will click and which will redirect them to a website, an appointment page, etc.

➡️ To create one, click on the blue "Add" button.

Next, you will fill in the information for your CTA :

  • Title: what will appear on your CTA button (as shown in the preview)

  • Link: the link you want to redirect your customers to

  • Image: Choose your own image or one from the AZEOO database

Remember to click "Enable" so that the CTA is visible on the app.

The CTA button that you will create will depend on the language in which you configure it. So, if you want to make a French and English one, you have to make two different buttons.

➡️ If you have multiple CTAs, you can prioritize them with the arrow on the right, to move the CTA up or down, the first CTA will match the 1st CTA in the app.

📲 On the app, these CTA buttons will be visible at the top of the "Coach" tab

Clicking them will automatically redirect them to your link.

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