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To create download links for your app

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In the "Advertisements" tab, you can generate your personalized QR code. This will allow you:

  • To communicate more easily to your community the fact of joining you on AZEOO, via a unique download link.

  • To automatically add the person, scanning the QRCode, in the list of your customers.

To do so, click on "Add" in the upper right corner, then on "QRCode".

The QRCode editor appears :

You will fill in the name, the wording and the size. Then you can choose to check the option to add your logo on the QRCode.

➡️ "Automatically add as a customer": if a person scans this QRCode, then downloads the App, then registers, then, you have two options:

  • If you do not check this box: this person will be automatically added to the list of your customers and you will then have to manually validate this attachment to accept this new customer.

  • If you check the box: this person will be automatically added to your list of clients and will be automatically accepted.

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