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Customer reporting (training)

Analyse des séances de votre client dans un programme

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You can analyze your clients' calendar from your app 📲 or back office 💻!

Access the calendar of all your clients' workouts

Two possibilities are available to you :

  1. From the app 📲

In the "More" tab of your account, you click on "My clients", then on "Analyze", in front of the client of your choice. You will then have access to his entire calendar containing the different sessions scheduled.

2. From the Backoffice 💻

Go to the "customers" menu, then in the list of your customers, click directly on the icon representing a calendar:

You then access your client's training calendar. Then click on the sessions present in order to consult each training session in detail:

Analysis of a client's workouts on a specific program

On the back office, you can analyze the sessions performed by your client on a program. To do this, go to the "Coaching" tab, then "Programs" and click on your client's program.

You can see if a client has started or finished a program thanks to the indications displayed under his name in the list of programs ⬆️.

Once on the program, you will be able to see all of its workouts.

By clicking on "See all his workouts", you can see on each day, the different sessions he has done with the time, the percentage of completion, the difficulty, the duration, his feeling, etc.

And by clicking on a specific session, you will have more details on his performance and the notes he left:

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