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Modify a program while in use
Modify a program while in use

Programme déjà planifié par vos clients

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Context: you have created a program for one (or more) customer. This person has then planned this program in his diary. You then want to make changes in his future sessions for various reasons (difficulty, change of exercises, addition / modification of notes, etc.).

In this case, only the changes made to existing workouts that have not yet been completed by the client will be synchronized in your client's log. If you have added new sessions or deleted sessions, this will not be synchronized with your client's log.

So for example, if you have scheduled 4 sessions over the week, you cannot change to 3 or 5. To do this you would have to make another version of the program.

On the other hand you can adapt the loads, exercises of the sessions present in the already planned program.

You can send a notification to your client to let them know that their workouts related to this program have been synchronized following your changes.


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