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Tchat with your customers
Tchat with your customers

Via the back office on their app

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The "Chat" service allows you :

  • To exchange directly with your customers

  • For your customers, the possibility to contact you and exchange with you.

What types of information are supported in the chat :

  • Text

  • Emoji

  • Image (png / jpg)

  • Video

  • Document (pdf / doc)

The maximum file size must not exceed 100MB.

Activating the service

This service is not enabled by default on your account. You can activate the service directly from the back office. To do this, go to the YourChat menu, and click on "Start".

All the services available to you that you have not unlocked are displayed with a 🔒 next to it.

Use of the service

From the back office

Once activated, from your back office, you can launch the chat by clicking directly on the YourChat menu.

A new page opens on your browser, giving you access to all your discussions.

You can view them by clicking on them. You also have the option to delete them by clicking on the small red trash can.

From the app

In the Journal menu of your application, click "Chat". You then have access to all your conversations.

You can view them by clicking on them, interact with your customers or delete them by dragging the relevant conversation to the left, then pressing the small red trash can.

What about your clients ?

At the App level, your customers get this feature automatically as soon as you activate this service. So they can access the chat from the App and exchange with you with ease.

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