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Meals configured on the app

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For complete nutritional monitoring, you can enter your different meals for the day on the application. In this way, you'll be able to track your calorie intake to help you meet your daily requirements.

Configure a meal

If you have regular meals, instead of entering each food item one by one in your journal, you can create your own meals containing the foods of your choice.

By clicking on the + button in the bottom right-hand corner, then on "My meals", you'll be able to create standard meals to save time over the next few days.

Create a new meal by clicking on + at the top.

Enter the name of your meal, then click on the "+" button below to enter the foods one by one and their quantities. Once you have added all the foods, click on "Create".

Your meal is then available in the "My Meals" tab, with all its nutritional information.

Add a meal from my diary to my meals

You can also save a meal already on your Nutrition Journal in the "My meals" section so that you can use it again later. To do this, click on the three horizontal dots next to the meal you want to save, then on "Create a meal".

It will then appear in the "My meals" tab.

Set up recurring meals

If you eat the same meal every day, save time by scheduling it in your diary so that it appears automatically.

In the "Journal" - "Nutrition" tab, click on the small settings symbol ⚙️ at the top. In the "Journal options" section, click on "Your default meals".

Then plan the meals of your choice from the "My meals" tab.

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