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Notion of group

Groups allow you to segment your customer base and thus be able to assign them (notion of sharing) much more easily to certain content.

Notion of sharing

Type of sharing

A training can be shared in 2 different ways:

  • Custom sharing : you will then have the possibility to assign it to 1 or more of your clients in a named way.

  • Generic sharing : it will then be accessible to either :

    • to all your customers

    • to the group(s) of customers you have specified


By default, a training is not accessible to your customers (whether it is personalized or generic). To activate sharing, you must check the "Activate sharing" button in each of your workouts :

Prepare your programs

When you start AZEOO, you can create a set of generic programs to have a solid base. You will have structures for classic programs such as : weight loss, mass gain, at home without equipment, etc.

You can create about twenty programs, for women and men, that you will not share, they will remain private because they will serve as a basis for the following.

Indeed, the idea will be to duplicate these "typical programs" and then assign them to specific clients. You will only have to adjust the content a little, and adapt them according to your client but the structure will remain the same.

This will save you a lot of time in the medium to long term! All you have to do is make the effort, at the beginning, to create your base of programs and workouts that will then be reused for your specific clients.

Workouts for everyone

You can set up workouts, and mainly workouts, of a generic type and available to all so that all your customers have the opportunity to do them.

The goal is to make your customers want to see more and go further in the workouts. This way, your customers will be more likely to want to buy personalized programs from you.

Your exercise base

In the world of the club, from the beginning, make sure that the usual exercises are on Azeoo. This allows your customers to have access to the basic exercises as soon as they arrive on the application.

You can customize these exercises with the image of the club, by adding photos and videos. The goal is to create a base of exercises that will be reusable for your workouts and programs.

To customize your exercises to your image, click here : Customize my exercise

Use the templates

To save time in preparing your workouts, you can use our templates. For your sessions and programs, we offer a large number of fully customizable templates that you can use for your clients.

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