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Create a program in several phases

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In the back office, in the "Programs" section, under "Coaching", you have the possibility to create programs in several phases.

The idea is that your client can unlock a program, only if he/she has completed the previous program.

In our case (see image above), we have a first program of initiation to cross-training which corresponds to phase 1. Then a phase 2 to move to the next paid step. And we want phase 2 to be accessible only if the "phase 1" program is completed.

To set this up, go to the edit page of the phase 2 program, the one you want to be accessible at the end of the first program.

In the edit, scroll down to the "Previous phase" insert, then look for the phase 1 program. You save and this program will be blocked until phase 1 is completed.

As a best practice, we advise you to do a standard phase 1 for free, so that your clients can have a clear vision of the program.

Then, you can add a phase 2, 3, 4, etc. with a price, so that they can benefit from a more advanced support later on.

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