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Thanks to AZEOO you will be able to offer lesson schedules, appointments and events to your entire community.

Types of events

  • Activity: corresponds to all types of classes in the form of activities (Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, BodyPump, Running, etc.).

  • Appointment: this case is to be used to allow your customers to make one-to-one appointments (fitness check-up, nutritional check-up, etc.).

  • Event: any other event different from the 2 cases above (challenge, etc.).

Once you have chosen a type when creating the event, you cannot change it later.


  • Recurrence management

  • Support for different types of locations:

    • By phone: calling or called (example for a one-to-one meeting)

    • At a specific address (example at the club)

    • On a specific web link (example for a Live)

  • Maximum number of places set at 999

  • Waiting list management with a maximum number of places of 999

  • Management of a deadline for the possibility of registering

  • Management of a deadline for the possibility of unsubscribing

  • Monetization management

  • Visibility management (personalized, assignment to a customer group, general, etc.)

Event / Occurrence / Recurrence

  • Event: This is the basic element that you create / configure.

  • Occurrence: it is a child element of an event; example: the “Pilates” event is made up of 10 occurrences, therefore 10 Pilates classes which have been distributed in the calendar

  • Recurrence: This is a simple way to create occurrences quickly and easily.

Waiting list

This management is native in the reservations module. You can decide whether or not to have a waiting list for each occurrence. If it is active (this therefore implies that the number of places is greater than 0) then when a place becomes available, the first person in the waiting list will have their reservation validated. This person will automatically receive an email + push notification informing them of this new status.


Be careful to take these configuration constraints into consideration.

  • If the place is telephone type, then automatically this number of places is set to 1 maximum

  • If the event type is Activity or Event, then the location type will never be Phone

  • A past occurrence of an event cannot be deleted

  • The concept of a waiting list does not work if the event is monetized

  • The notion of recurrence / occurrence can no longer be modified once your initial event has been created.

  • If you have made modifications to certain occurrences before editing the event, then the modifications you make to the event will not impact this or these occurrences.

Add an event

From the back office, in the "Booking" tab, go to the day on which you want to add an event by clicking on the "Add" button.

General information

A window for editing the general information of the event appears.


If you have linked an activity with this event, then by default the image of the activity will be used. However, if you wish to change this image to your own, you can upload your own image.


You can add several occurrences, and for each of them, manage the notion of recurrence.


The notion of visibility is important since it is thanks to this that you can segment your offers :

  • Generic (to all your customers)

  • Specific (to one or more particular clients)

  • Advanced targeting (to specific customer groups, to a specific goal, etc.)

Booking settings

This is where you will find the notion of waiting list, maximum number of places, reservation criteria, etc.

Edit an event

From the back office, in the "Booking" tab, then in the calendar, choose the event to modify.

This view contains several elements:

  • The possibility of editing the basic event information (by clicking on the button indicated by the blue arrow)

  • The list of occurrences of this event represented in the orange rectangle on the left. By clicking on one of these occurrences, you edit its specific configuration on the right side.

  • The possibility of editing the information of the selected occurrence (by clicking on the button indicated by the green arrow)

  • The list of direct participants, those on the waiting list, etc. symbolized by the red rectangle.

To edit the basic event, all you have to do is click on the button symbolized by the blue arrow.

Edit an occurrence

Click on the desired occurrence in the left column. Then click on the edition of the occurrence (symbolized by the orange arrow above).

You will then find all the parameters of this occurrence in an editing window. You can therefore really personalize one occurrence among the others of this event.

Delete an occurrence

Click the desired instance in the left column. Then click "Delete occurence".

If it's a past occurrence, you won't be able to delete it. Only those of the day or in the future can be.

All customers affected by this deletion will be notified via a push notification directly on the App.

Delete an event

To delete an event, simply click on "Delete even".

⚠️ If past occurrences are present, they will not be removed. Only all occurrences today or in the future will be deleted.

All customers affected by this deletion will be notified via a push notification directly on the App.

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